Covid-19 Specific Rules for the 2021 Season

Things at the Highland Hills Pool are going to look fairly similar to the way they were last year - and we at the board all agree - you all did an excellent job following all of the extra policies we had in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Once again, we are taking precautions and following the mandates and guidelines to ensure a safe and relaxing season. To that end, the following Covid-specific rules must be followed by everyone at the pool. Additionally, to keep our numbers manageable we also plan on capping membership. 

Hours of Operation 7:00am to 9:00pm. 

(This is the same as last year and slightly shorter hours of operation from 2019. This  allows the volunteers extra time for cleaning.)



  • Please wear a mask and practice social distancing when entering and exiting and wait your turn if there is a line to sign in. 

  • When you come in the door we will have clean pens on the left for you to sign in with and a “dirty” container on the right for you to put your pen after signing in 

  • Chairs and furniture can’t be moved by members 

  • No guests 

  • No floats or pool toys 

  • No baby pool 

  • No pool parties 

  • The grill will be available but you must bring your own grill tools to use

  • We ask that you clean and wipe down your area on arrival and leaving 

  • We will have sanitation areas around the pool and in the bathroom alcove 

  • If a State shutdown forces us to close because of a spike in outbreaks we unfortunately cannot provide refunds 



Please make sure you wear a mask when in common areas. We have sanitizer set up in three locations around the pool. The cleaning spray and paper towels to clean off tables and chairs are in the pool house on the white shelf.  When done cleaning your area please return cleaning supplies to where you got them.


As a volunteer based board we are relying on you all to follow the rules and guidelines set forth to keep everyone safe and healthy. Let's make the most of this and do our best to make it an environment where we can all relax and have a good time! Thank you for joining us this season and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us.




HOURS OF OPERATION: 5/29/21 - 9/19/21 

7 a.m. – 9 p.m.




An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 18.


ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS allowed in the fenced area.


Charcoal grills and open-flame gas appliances can ONLY be used in the parking lot.


All alcoholic beverages must be placed in unmarked non-glass containers.


No pets or animals are allowed inside the fence at any time.


Dates and hours of operation are noted above. You must sign in EVERY time you visit the pool. Pool use is for members only in good standing from 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. The front gate must be kept locked when no members are present. The last person using the pool is responsible for extinguishing the lights, and locking the gate.


There will be no guests allowed this year to keep the pool area less crowded.


There will be no pool parties this year to keep the pool area less crowded. 


No running or horseplay within the fenced area.


 ONLY ONE spring allowed on the diving board.


 Disorderly conduct is not tolerated. Failure to comply with all rules can result in suspension or loss of membership.