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Pool Rules


  2024 Season: May 25th - Sept. 15th

HOURS OF OPERATION: 7 a.m. – 10 p.m



2. An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 18.


3. ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS allowed in the fenced area.


4. Any cooking equipment besides the provided grill must be used in the parking lot. Please clean up the cooking area around the grill after use.


5. All alcoholic beverages must be placed in unmarked NON-GLASS containers.


6. No pets or animals are allowed inside the fence at any time.


7. Dates and hours of operation are noted above. You must sign in EVERY time you visit the pool. Pool use is for members only in good standing from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.  The front gate must be kept locked when no members are present. The last person using the pool, no matter the time of day, is responsible for locking the gate.


8. Any member who brings non-member guest(s) must collect guest fees . It is the responsibility of the member to immediately place the fees in the designated collection box on site. If cash is not an option, please scan the QR code to pay by card.  Please be reasonable with the number of guests you bring to the pool. Additionally:

  1. MEMBER must ensure that a guest fee of $5.00 will be paid upon entry for each guest(s).

  2. MEMBER must write their name, date, number of guest(s), and amount paid on the envelope.

  3. ALL guests shall abide by the pool rules.

  4. ALL guests shall sign in, and execute a Release Waiver upon entry.

  5. MEMBER assumes ALL responsibility of guest(s).

  6. MEMBER must accompany guest(s) at all times.


9. Pool parties will not be offered for the 2024 season.


10. No running or horseplay within the fenced area.


11. ONLY ONE spring allowed on the diving board.


12. Disorderly conduct is not tolerated. Failure to comply with all rules can result in                      suspension or loss of membership.


13. No smoking is permitted in the fenced pool area, we ask that you smoke in the designated area.

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